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cd05/5-01 Where sin sore wounding.mp3 18.96 MB
cd05/5-02 My heart and tongue were twins.mp3 6.16 MB
cd05/5-03 Up merry mates.mp3 6.67 MB
cd05/5-04 Welcome black Night.mp3 13.14 MB
cd05/5-05 Cease, cease these false sports.mp3 6.71 MB
cd05/5-06 Lachrimae Pavane.mp3 14.41 MB
cd05/5-07 Can Shee [Can she excuse].mp3 4.48 MB
cd05/5-08 Paduana [la mia Barbara].mp3 12.26 MB
cd05/5-09 The Frogge.mp3 4.41 MB
cd05/5-10 Frog's Galliard.mp3 4.48 MB
cd05/5-11 Pavana and Galiarda.mp3 17.82 MB
cd05/5-12 Paduana lachrymae.mp3 12.13 MB
cd05/5-13 Can She Excuse.mp3 4.30 MB
cd05/5-14 Pavion Solus cum sola.mp3 10.05 MB
cd05/5-15 Dowland's Almayne.mp3 3.37 MB
cd05/5-16 Piper's Paven and Galliard.mp3 17.24 MB
cd05/5-17 Pavan Lachrymae.mp3 12.74 MB
cd06/6-01 The lamentation of a sinner.mp3 3.75 MB
cd06/6-02 Domine ne in furore.mp3 2.21 MB
cd06/6-03 Miserere mei Deus.mp3 3.72 MB
cd06/6-04 The humble suit of a sinner.mp3 3.15 MB
cd06/6-05 The humble complaint of a sinne.mp3 3.31 MB
cd06/6-06 De profundis.mp3 3.25 MB
cd06/6-07 Domine exaudi.mp3 4.59 MB
cd06/6-08 Lachrimae Antiquae.mp3 10.86 MB
cd06/6-09 Lachrimae Antiquae Novae.mp3 9.42 MB
cd06/6-10 Lachrimae Gementes.mp3 10.04 MB
cd06/6-11 Lachrimae Tristes.mp3 10.62 MB
cd06/6-12 Lachrimae Coactae.mp3 9.73 MB
cd06/6-13 Lachrimae Amantis.mp3 10.30 MB
cd06/6-14 Lachrimae Verae.mp3 10.06 MB
cd06/6-15 Mr John Langton's Pavan.mp3 7.61 MB
cd06/6-16 Mr Nicholas Gryffith his Galiar.mp3 5.92 MB
cd06/6-17 Sir John Souch his Galiard.mp3 4.07 MB
cd06/6-18 Semper Dowland Semper Dolens.mp3 7.63 MB
cd06/6-19 Mr Giles Hobies Galiard.mp3 4.78 MB
cd06/6-20 The King of Denmark's Galiard.mp3 3.45 MB
cd06/6-21 Sir Henry Umpton's Funerall.mp3 10.55 MB
cd06/6-22 Mr Henry Noell his Galiard.mp3 6.85 MB
cd06/6-23 The Earl of Es Galiard.mp3 3.63 MB
cd06/6-24 Mr Bucton his Galiard.mp3 3.73 MB
cd06/6-25 Mr George Whitehead his Almand.mp3 3.60 MB
cd06/6-26 Captain Digorie Piper his Galia.mp3 4.72 MB
cd06/6-27 Mr Thomas Collier his Galiard.mp3 3.56 MB
cd06/6-28 Mrs Nichols Almand.mp3 1.85 MB
cd07/7-01 Sorrow, come!.mp3 7.65 MB
cd07/7-02 I shame at mine unworthiness.mp3 5.89 MB
cd07/7-03 An heart that's broken and cont.mp3 3.67 MB
cd07/7-04 Psalm 100_ All people that on e.mp3 4.02 MB
cd07/7-05 Psalm 38_ Put me not to rebuke.mp3 3.79 MB
cd07/7-06 Psalm 130_ Lord to thee I make.mp3 8.96 MB
cd07/7-07 Psalm 104_ My soul praise the L.mp3 10.50 MB
cd07/7-08 Psalm 100_ All people that on e.mp3 5.10 MB
cd07/7-09 Psalm 134_ Behold and have rega.mp3 3.37 MB
cd07/7-10 A Prayer for the Queen's most e.mp3 3.97 MB
cd07/7-11 Solus cum sola pavan.mp3 7.61 MB
cd07/7-12 Lachrimae.mp3 6.78 MB
cd07/7-13 Galliard.mp3 2.65 MB
cd07/7-14 Pipers Pavan.mp3 6.71 MB
cd07/7-15 Lachrimae.mp3 11.18 MB
cd07/7-16 Lady Rich Galliard.mp3 3.98 MB
cd07/7-17 Earl of Es Galliard.mp3 4.50 MB
cd07/7-18 If my complaints.mp3 5.43 MB
cd07/7-19 Lachrimae Doolande.mp3 11.41 MB
cd07/7-20 Lord Willoughbie's Welcome Home.mp3 3.74 MB
cd07/7-21 My Lord Chamberlaine his Gallia.mp3 5.23 MB
cd07/7-22 Comagain.mp3 16.11 MB
cd07/7-23 Pavan Lachrymae.mp3 9.31 MB
cd07/7-24 Sorrow stay.mp3 8.17 MB
cd08/8-01 Preludium.mp3 2.60 MB
cd08/8-02 Lachrimae.mp3 10.27 MB
cd08/8-03 Can She Excuse.mp3 3.96 MB
cd08/8-04 Dr. Case'S Pavan.mp3 10.53 MB
cd08/8-05 Melancholy Galliard.mp3 5.12 MB
cd08/8-06 Sir John Smith, His Almain.mp3 6.30 MB
cd08/8-07 Fantasia.mp3 13.67 MB
cd08/8-08 A Dream.mp3 9.87 MB
cd08/8-09 Almain.mp3 3.78 MB
cd08/8-10 The Queen'S Galliard.mp3 4.26 MB
cd08/8-11 Coranto.mp3 3.78 MB
cd08/8-12 Resolution.mp3 10.84 MB
cd08/8-13 Mrs. Vaux Galliard.mp3 5.84 MB
cd08/8-14 Almain.mp3 3.35 MB
cd08/8-15 Mr. Dowland'S Midnight.mp3 2.87 MB
cd08/8-16 Fantasia.mp3 11.72 MB
cd08/8-17 Loth To Depart.mp3 13.07 MB
cd08/8-18 The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth.mp3 2.84 MB
cd08/8-19 The Earl Of Es, His Galliard.mp3 4.18 MB
cd08/8-20 Pavan.mp3 10.78 MB
cd08/8-21 John Dowland'S Galliard.mp3 3.41 MB
cd08/8-22 Aloe.mp3 6.10 MB
cd08/8-23 The Lady Clifton'S Spirit.mp3 4.02 MB
cd08/8-24 What If A Day.mp3 3.12 MB
cd08/8-25 Mr. Giles Hobie'S Galliard.mp3 4.66 MB
cd08/8-26 Come Away (Song Arrangement).mp3 2.34 MB
cd08/8-27 Galliard.mp3 5.54 MB
cd08/8-28 Fancy (Fantasia).mp3 5.40 MB
dowland.jpg 59.78 KB
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John Dowland The Collected Works Vol2.m4a 3.79 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol2.flac 17.36 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol2.mp3 1.98 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol2.mp3 670.28 MB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol2.mp3 2.15 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol2.azw3 61.12 MB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol2.mp3 2.15 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol2.flac 3.69 GB
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