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cd09/9-01 Lachrimae (Basic Version).mp3 10.83 MB
cd09/9-02 Galliard To Lachrimae.mp3 6.34 MB
cd09/9-03 [Jig].mp3 3.67 MB
cd09/9-04 Galliard On 'Wasingham'.mp3 6.05 MB
cd09/9-05 Complaint (Ballad Setting).mp3 2.93 MB
cd09/9-06 Mignarda (Galliard).mp3 7.29 MB
cd09/9-07 Semper Dowland Semper Dolens (P.mp3 7.26 MB
cd09/9-08 The Frog Galliard.mp3 4.82 MB
cd09/9-09 A Fancy (Fantasia).mp3 15.88 MB
cd09/9-10 Fancy (Fantasia).mp3 5.44 MB
cd09/9-11 Piper'S Pavan.mp3 11.84 MB
cd09/9-12 Captain Digorie Piper'S Galliar.mp3 4.34 MB
cd09/9-13 Lady Laiton'S Almain.mp3 2.04 MB
cd09/9-14 Dowland'S Galliard.mp3 2.10 MB
cd09/9-15 Dowland'S First Galliard.mp3 4.93 MB
cd09/9-16 Tarleton'S Jig.mp3 2.01 MB
cd09/9-17 Walsingham (Ballad Setting).mp3 10.66 MB
cd09/9-18 Lord Willoughbie'S Welcome Home.mp3 3.33 MB
cd09/9-19 Sir Henry Guilforde, His Almain.mp3 5.39 MB
cd09/9-20 Pavan (Related To 'Lachrimae').mp3 11.45 MB
cd09/9-21 Mr. Langton'S Galliard.mp3 6.23 MB
cd09/9-22 Mrs. Clifton'S Almain.mp3 3.28 MB
cd09/9-23 Galliard.mp3 4.50 MB
cd09/9-24 Lady Hunsdon'S Puffe (Almain).mp3 3.37 MB
cd09/9-25 Galliard.mp3 2.91 MB
cd09/9-26 Go From My Window (Ballad Setti.mp3 8.69 MB
cd09/9-27 Fancy (Fantasia).mp3 7.46 MB
cd10/10-01 Pavana Johan Douland.mp3 14.29 MB
cd10/10-02 Mrs. Brigide Fleetwood'S Pavan.mp3 12.42 MB
cd10/10-03 La Mia Barbara.mp3 12.30 MB
cd10/10-04 Sir Henry Umpton'S Funeral (Pa.mp3 12.04 MB
cd10/10-05 Lachrimae.mp3 10.64 MB
cd10/10-06 Farewell Fancy (Chromatic Fant.mp3 12.41 MB
cd10/10-07 Farewell (On The 'In Nomine' T.mp3 8.35 MB
cd10/10-08 The King Of Denmark'S Galliard.mp3 7.85 MB
cd10/10-09 Mrs. Vaux'S Jig.mp3 3.62 MB
cd10/10-10 Mrs. Nichol'S Almain.mp3 2.13 MB
cd10/10-11 Galliard.mp3 5.67 MB
cd10/10-12 Lord Strang'S March.mp3 2.42 MB
cd10/10-13 Mrs. Winter'S Jump.mp3 2.25 MB
cd10/10-14 Can She Excuse (Galliard).mp3 4.23 MB
cd10/10-15 The Shoemaker'S Wife, A Toy.mp3 3.03 MB
cd10/10-16 Mrs. Norrish'S Delight.mp3 2.38 MB
cd10/10-17 Galliard.mp3 4.65 MB
cd10/10-18 Mrs. White'S Thing (Almain).mp3 3.40 MB
cd10/10-19 Mrs. White'S Nothing.mp3 1.76 MB
cd10/10-20 The Frog Galliard.mp3 5.31 MB
cd10/10-21 Solus Cum Sola.mp3 10.21 MB
cd10/10-22 The Lord Viscount Lisle, His G.mp3 7.38 MB
cd10/10-23 Orlando Sleepeth (Ballad Setti.mp3 2.45 MB
cd10/10-24 Robin (Ballad Setting).mp3 8.98 MB
cd10/10-25 Galliard (On A Galliard By Dan.mp3 6.94 MB
cd10/10-26 Forlorn Hope Fancy (Chromatic.mp3 8.81 MB
cd11/11-01 The Lady Russell'S Pavan.mp3 11.71 MB
cd11/11-02 Fancy (Fantasia).mp3 10.72 MB
cd11/11-03 Sir John Langton'S Pavan.mp3 13.43 MB
cd11/11-04 Earl Of Derby, His Galliard.mp3 6.16 MB
cd11/11-05 A Coy Toy.mp3 1.26 MB
cd11/11-06 Fortune My Foe.mp3 5.28 MB
cd11/11-07 [Almain].mp3 4.21 MB
cd11/11-08 Mr. Knight'S Galliard.mp3 5.27 MB
cd11/11-09 Sir John Souch His Galliard.mp3 5.77 MB
cd11/11-10 Tarletone'S Riserrectione.mp3 1.41 MB
cd11/11-11 The Lady Rich, Her Galliard.mp3 4.64 MB
cd11/11-12 Lachrimae Pavan.mp3 9.96 MB
cd11/11-13 Can She Excuse Galliard.mp3 3.85 MB
cd11/11-14 Captain Piper'S Pavan And Gall.mp3 13.32 MB
cd11/11-15 The Frog Galliard.mp3 5.04 MB
cd11/11-16 Round Battell Galliard.mp3 3.55 MB
cd11/11-17 Fortune My Foe.mp3 7.10 MB
cd11/11-18 Dowland'S First Galliard.mp3 4.25 MB
cd11/11-19 Katherine Darcie'S Galliard.mp3 2.86 MB
cd11/11-20 Tarleton'S Jigge.mp3 1.91 MB
cd11/11-21 Almain A 2.mp3 1.19 MB
cd11/11-22 Mistress Nichols Almain A 2.mp3 1.83 MB
cd11/11-23 Susanna Fair (Galliard).mp3 3.63 MB
cd11/11-24 Mistress Nichols Alman A 5.mp3 2.03 MB
cd11/11-25 Mr. John Langton Pavan And Gal.mp3 11.45 MB
cd11/11-26 La Mia Barbara Pavan And Galli.mp3 14.35 MB
cd11/11-27 Lachrimae Antiquae Novae Pavan.mp3 15.80 MB
cd12/12-01 Mistress Nichols Almain.mp3 1.65 MB
cd12/12-02 Volta A 4 ('Ioh. Douland').mp3 2.72 MB
cd12/12-03 Were Every Thought An Eye.mp3 4.39 MB
cd12/12-04 Lady If You So Spite Me.mp3 6.68 MB
cd12/12-05 Pavan A 4.mp3 10.30 MB
cd12/12-06 I. My Heavy Sprite (Anthony Ho.mp3 5.96 MB
cd12/12-07 Ii. Change Thy Mind Since She.mp3 7.15 MB
cd12/12-08 Iii. O Eyes, Leave Off Your We.mp3 7.16 MB
cd12/12-09 Iv. Go, My Flock, Go Get You H.mp3 8.29 MB
cd12/12-10 V. O Dear Life, When Shall It.mp3 9.52 MB
cd12/12-11 Vi. To Plead My Faith (Daniel.mp3 6.07 MB
cd12/12-12 Vii. In A Grove Most Rich Of S.mp3 11.06 MB
cd12/12-13 Viii. Far From Triumphing Cour.mp3 20.00 MB
cd12/12-14 Ix. Lady, If You So Spite Me.mp3 5.57 MB
cd12/12-15 X. In Darkness Let Me Dwell.mp3 10.08 MB
cd12/12-16 Xi. Si Le Parler Et Le Silence.mp3 8.56 MB
cd12/12-17 Xii. Ce Penser Qui Sans Fin Ti.mp3 8.16 MB
cd12/12-18 Xiii. Vous Que Le Bonheur Rapp.mp3 5.64 MB
cd12/12-19 Xiv. Passava Amor Su Arco Desa.mp3 5.32 MB
cd12/12-20 Xv. Sta Notte Mi Sognava (Anon.mp3 5.58 MB
cd12/12-21 Xvi. Vuestros Ojos Tienen D'Am.mp3 2.82 MB
cd12/12-22 Xvii. Se Di Farmi Morire (Dome.mp3 6.07 MB
cd12/12-23 Xviii. Dovro Dunque Morire_ (G.mp3 4.92 MB
cd12/12-24 Xix. Amarilli Mia Bella (Giuli.mp3 5.80 MB
cd12/12-25 Xx. O Bella Piu (Anon, Italian.mp3 5.83 MB
dowland.jpg 59.78 KB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol3.mp3 2.15 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol3.mp3 670.28 MB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol3.azw3 61.12 MB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol3.pdf 1.16 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol3.pdf 6.15 MB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol3.mp3 670.27 MB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol3.mp3 2.00 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol3.mp3 670.27 MB
John Dowland The Collected Works Vol3.m4a 3.79 GB
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