Chapter Three: Body Double | Easter #MovieWeekender | Michael Wincott
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cd01/1-01 Unquiet thoughts.mp3 9.43 MB
cd01/1-02 Who ever thinks or hopes of lov.mp3 5.78 MB
cd01/1-03 My thoughts are wing'd with hop.mp3 6.85 MB
cd01/1-04 If my complaints could passions.mp3 7.94 MB
cd01/1-05 Can she excuse my wrongs.mp3 7.08 MB
cd01/1-06 Now, O now, I needs must part.mp3 10.24 MB
cd01/1-07 Dear, if you change.mp3 7.99 MB
cd01/1-08 Burst forth my tears.mp3 8.99 MB
cd01/1-09 Go crystal tears.mp3 8.50 MB
cd01/1-10 Think'st thou then by thy feign.mp3 4.35 MB
cd01/1-11 Come away, come sweet love.mp3 5.65 MB
cd01/1-12 Rest awhile you cruel cares.mp3 7.88 MB
cd01/1-13 Sleep wayward thoughts.mp3 8.52 MB
cd01/1-14 All ye whom love or fortune.mp3 10.22 MB
cd01/1-15 Wilt thou, unkind, thus reave m.mp3 5.00 MB
cd01/1-16 Would my conceit.mp3 16.52 MB
cd01/1-17 Come again_ sweet love doth now.mp3 10.58 MB
cd01/1-18 His golden locks.mp3 9.48 MB
cd01/1-19 Awake, sweet love_ thou art ret.mp3 6.39 MB
cd01/1-20 Come, heavy sleep.mp3 10.33 MB
cd01/1-21 Away with these self-loving lad.mp3 6.47 MB
cd02/2-01 I saw my lady weep.mp3 13.91 MB
cd02/2-02 Flow my tears.mp3 10.77 MB
cd02/2-03 Sorrow, stay.mp3 9.01 MB
cd02/2-04 Die not before thy day.mp3 4.58 MB
cd02/2-05 Mourn, day is with darkness fle.mp3 4.58 MB
cd02/2-06 Time's eldest son.mp3 3.37 MB
cd02/2-07 Then sit thee down.mp3 3.15 MB
cd02/2-08 When others sing Venite exultem.mp3 3.61 MB
cd02/2-09 Praise blindness eyes.mp3 4.73 MB
cd02/2-10 O sweet woods.mp3 14.24 MB
cd02/2-11 If floods of tears.mp3 8.47 MB
cd02/2-12 Fine knacks for ladies.mp3 5.08 MB
cd02/2-13 Now dease my wand'ring eyes.mp3 5.38 MB
cd02/2-14 Come ye heavy states of night.mp3 10.89 MB
cd02/2-15 White as lilies was her face.mp3 9.19 MB
cd02/2-16 Woeful heart.mp3 6.57 MB
cd02/2-17 A shepard in a shade.mp3 6.49 MB
cd02/2-18 Faction that ever dwells.mp3 7.14 MB
cd02/2-19 Shall I sue.mp3 6.80 MB
cd02/2-20 Toss not my soul.mp3 7.06 MB
cd02/2-21 Clear or cloudy.mp3 7.94 MB
cd02/2-22 Humour say what mak'st thou her.mp3 7.74 MB
cd03/3-01 Farewell, too fair.mp3 9.07 MB
cd03/3-02 Time stands still.mp3 13.41 MB
cd03/3-03 Behold a wonder here.mp3 6.83 MB
cd03/3-04 Daphne was not so chaste.mp3 3.98 MB
cd03/3-05 Me, me, and none but me.mp3 6.85 MB
cd03/3-06 When Phoebus first did Daphne l.mp3 2.90 MB
cd03/3-07 Say, Love, if ever thou didst f.mp3 4.47 MB
cd03/3-08 Flow not so fast, ye fountains.mp3 11.14 MB
cd03/3-09 What if I never speed_.mp3 5.03 MB
cd03/3-10 Love stood amazed.mp3 26.58 MB
cd03/3-11 Lend your ears to my sorrow.mp3 15.37 MB
cd03/3-12 By a fountain where I lay.mp3 6.32 MB
cd03/3-13 O what hath overwrought.mp3 3.68 MB
cd03/3-14 Farewell, unkind.mp3 4.39 MB
cd03/3-15 Weep you no more, sad fountains.mp3 9.30 MB
cd03/3-16 Fie on this feigning!.mp3 5.46 MB
cd03/3-17 I must complain.mp3 7.98 MB
cd03/3-18 It was a time when silly bees.mp3 7.53 MB
cd03/3-19 The lowest trees have tops.mp3 5.94 MB
cd03/3-20 What poor astronomers are they.mp3 5.47 MB
cd03/3-21 Come when I call.mp3 3.65 MB
cd04/4-01 Disdain me still.mp3 9.46 MB
cd04/4-02 Sweet stay awhile.mp3 8.59 MB
cd04/4-03 To ask for all thy love.mp3 8.49 MB
cd04/4-04 Love, those beams that breed.mp3 5.93 MB
cd04/4-05 Shall I strive wih words to mov.mp3 6.39 MB
cd04/4-06 Were every thought an eye.mp3 3.03 MB
cd04/4-07 Stay, Time, awhile thy flying.mp3 6.63 MB
cd04/4-08 Tell me, true Love.mp3 20.95 MB
cd04/4-09 Go nightly cares.mp3 14.82 MB
cd04/4-10 From silent night.mp3 24.77 MB
cd04/4-11 Lasso vita mia.mp3 8.54 MB
cd04/4-12 In this trembling shadow cast.mp3 21.68 MB
cd04/4-13 If that a sinner's sights.mp3 7.49 MB
cd04/4-14 Thou mighty God.mp3 8.79 MB
cd04/4-15 When David's life.mp3 5.91 MB
cd04/4-16 When the poor cripple.mp3 8.55 MB
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John Dowland The Collected Works 1-4.mp3 2.15 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works 1-4.mp3 1.98 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works 1-4.mp3 2.00 GB
John Dowland The Collected Works 1-4.bin 688.56 MB
John Dowland The Collected Works 1-4.mp3 670.27 MB
John Dowland The Collected Works 1-4.flac 3.69 GB
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